Wild Cats Found In India

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Wild Cats Found In India. It is listed as least concern on the iucn red list, and is mainly threatened by destruction of wetlands, trapping and poisoning. The bobcat still has a wide distribution on the usa despite the expanding activities of people:

Indian Leopard by sharadagrawal931978 on Flickr Big cats
Indian Leopard by sharadagrawal931978 on Flickr Big cats from www.pinterest.com

The clouded leopard is a small wild cat that can be found in the foothills of the himalayan mountains (nepal, bhutan and india to myanmar), across southeastern asia and into china. They are found in montane steppes and grasslands of central asia in countries such as india, iran, afghanistan, kazakhstan, mongolia, and pakistan. 'wild cats of india' by rohanchak.

Most small wild cats are the size of a domesticated cat.

Clouded leopard is one of the wild cat found in the himalayan foothills of north east india. North america is the third largest continent on the planet. India's forest lands nurture about 500 species of mammals and 2000+ bird species. Caracal (caracal caracal) caracal (meaning ‘black ears’ in turkish) are common across africa, and also native to the middle east, and parts of asia and india.