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Warrior Cats Wiki Squirrelflight. Bramblestar's warrior name, brambleclaw, was chosen in honor of his father, tigerclaw. His heart had been darkened by an unfufilled desire for her love and.

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1 history 2 physical appearance 3 personality and traits 4. Firestar was a major character in erin hunter's warriors book franchiseserving as the main protagonist of the original series, the prophecies begin. Ashfur closed his eyes and sniffed squirrelflight's sweet smell.

His kits, hollypaw and lionpaw get their warrior names, lionblaze and hollyleaf.

Squirrelflight) ist eine kräftige, schlanke,. Plenty of people now a days are weirded out that all the toms who like squirrelflight were all older than her (ashfur, stormfur, and brambleclaw, in that order, are oldest to youngest). We are a wiki based on erin hunter's warriors book series that anyone can edit , and have 4,300 articles since opening on 21 june 2006. Squirrelflight gets a cut on her belly and he is afraid that she’ll die.