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Warrior Cats Wiki Bluestar. 1 names 2 family 3 history 3.1 in the super edition series 3.1.1 bluestar's prophecy 3.1.2 firestar's quest 3.1.3 skyclan's destiny 3.2 in the original series 3.2.1 into the wild 3.2.2 fire and ice 3.2.3 forest of secrets 3.2.4 rising storm 3.2.5 a dangerous path 3.2.6 the darkest hour. I hope i got it at least close enough.

Brightkit,brightpaw,lostface,brightheart loss her eye to a
Brightkit,brightpaw,lostface,brightheart loss her eye to a from www.pinterest.com

Bluestar invited rusty to join her clan the next day. One was bluestar, the leader of thunderclan and the other lionheart, a big warrior who was graypaw's mentor. She was a warrior that will never be forgotten!

Her kits include mistystar and among the dead, mosskit and stonefur.

She also gives you the cat claws. It was a little bit difficult trying to figure out where every clan cat would be, age wise. He met bluestar and some other cats. Bluestar is first seen in the prologue, gazing into a pool.