Warrior Cats Firestar X Sandstorm

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Warrior Cats Firestar X Sandstorm. She was much nicer to firestar after. But it may be great, you have some rivals within your own clan.

I've always pictured Graystripe with a slight smirk or a
I've always pictured Graystripe with a slight smirk or a from www.pinterest.com

Sandstorm and graystripe both think that firestar is going to tell them that he is going back to live with his twolegs to become a kittypet once again, and she asks him, devastated, how he can abandon his clan and herself just to go look for other cats. She was born as sandkit and was later apprenticed as sandpaw to whitestorm. He joined thunderclan to receive the name of firepaw, and was mentored by lionheart and tigerclaw before being assigned to.

But what if the fire that was destined to save the clan was exiled?

Now firestar was headed to starclan where he would reunite with his loved ones and wait for his family to join him. Remix remix remix by firestar_x_sandstorm; When firestar first came to the clan, sandstorm didn't like him. Dare!firestar:*smirks deviously* i dare you to tell berrypaw you love him!