Warrior Cats Characters Thunderclan

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Warrior Cats Characters Thunderclan. Thunderclan is the main focal point of the novel series, with most of the main characters, whose point of view the novels are written from, living in thunderclan. Sutherland under the collective pseudonym erin hunter, with the plot developed by editor.

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Main index can be found here. After a certain point in the original game (after brokenstar) your character can go to the nettle patch and and choose to recruit one of the listed cats as your allies. With these 13 tips, you’ll be perfectly prepared to take on the world of the warrior cats.

Honeyfern is poppyfrost, cinderheart, molekit's littermates.

Top quizzes today in literature. In the original, new prophecy, and power of three games, there are many different characters that the player can choose to add to his/her team throughout the game, each with his/her own unique movesets. Tawnypelt used to be a member of thunderclan, but after being unable to take the comparisons between herself and her tyrannical father, she left to join shadowclan. The clan's main prey are mice, voles, squirrels, and the occasional rabbit.