Warrior Cats Characters Riverclan

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Warrior Cats Characters Riverclan. Welcome to the warrior cats studio! After a certain point in the original game (after brokenstar) your character can go to the nettle patch and and choose to recruit one of the listed cats as your allies.

Reedwhisker of Riverclan. Let me just say, Reedwhisker is
Reedwhisker of Riverclan. Let me just say, Reedwhisker is from www.pinterest.com

If you can't manage it, we're doomed! They have grace and power and known as the clan that is clever and strong. These cats live by the water, and fight with all its ferocity.

The very first leader was riverstar, who was a loner that met the cats that.

Because she and her sister are half windclan and half riverclan, they were named willowbreeze and graypool to signify wind and water together.; Ready to find out which warrior cat name you should have? In the original, new prophecy, and power of three games, there are many different characters that the player can choose to add to his/her team throughout the game, each with his/her own unique movesets. Riverclan is a group of cats that live in a part of the forest that is primarily wetland, or shores of lakes, rivers, and streams.1 their founding leader, riverstar, got his name due to the river that saved his life, so by extension the name was thought to be given to the clan.2 1 description 2 territory 2.1 in the forest territories 2.2 in the lake territories 3 eras 3.1 riverstar 3.2.