The Cats Return Baron

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The Cats Return Baron. Haru is treated to a feast at the castle of the cat kingdom and she begins to slowly turn into a cat with tan paws, ears and whiskers, though still mainly human, so that she will make a suitable bride for the prince. Natoru voiced by andy richter and 1 other.

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The cat returns also sees the return of two characters from whisper of the heart, baron the baron cat, and muta, the grumpy stray, who's fatter then ever! Toto voiced by elliott gould and 2 others. Neko no danshaku (later published in english by viz media).

The baron had at least three different designs in each of his appearances in whisper of the heart and in the manga of the cat returns, including its film.

The cat returns movie & dvd details japanese theatrical release: In return, the king of cats (tim curry) whisks her away to the fantastical kingdom of cats. The baron and muta return to help haru out of a bind. He belongs to the owner of an antique shop named shiro nishi.