Stray Cats Door 2 Walkthrough

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Stray Cats Door 2 Walkthrough. 12pm to 4pm dog's salary: If a cat washes its face in the presence of several people, the first person the cat looks that will be the first to get married and the first to die.

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As you arrive you'll see a man tending to his crops and cursing. Complete bird in a cage reward: The mission requires you to find all 3 scampuss in the area.

File 03 link cases, cats, and collectibles map map locations to find every red and blue case, the cat, and the bathroom.

Use the syringe on the powder to get the repairing compound and use the compound on the plant. Stray cats contains 5 kodama locations in nioh 2. It is unlucky to weigh a cat or a kitten. Find out how these events unfold in this part of our nioh 2 walkthrough.