Stray Cats And Dogs In Turkey

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Stray Cats And Dogs In Turkey. This is an animal charity based in turkey. Is one that doesn’t have a home.

Tiny A Stray Kitty from Tire, İzmir / Turkey Cat
Tiny A Stray Kitty from Tire, İzmir / Turkey Cat from

As carnivores, cats require plenty of protein to build healthy muscle and to provide energy. Committing to them is an expensive process if it involves quarantine though people, be warned! Turkey also provides other important nutrients as well, like zinc, vitamin b6 and 12, and niacin, which help to boost the immune system of your pet.

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As such, instead of barking and causing disturbance to the public, the stray dogs actually behave themselves and act like total good boys. A tram stopping to wait for a stray cat to finish drinking water from the ground, a shopping mall letting dogs sleep inside, wrapped in blankets, during a snowstorm, an imam petting cats in a mosque, and my favourite, a cat at the top of an. From ottoman times to now, street dogs have been as much a part of the fabric of this. The stray population’s growth is currently halted, to some degree, but still there must be attention given to the existing unfixed individuals.