Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats Temperament

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Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats Temperament. The distinctive coat is a lustrous, even coloured blue with silver tipped guard hairs. The russian is an exquisite looking cat with a plush double coat shimmering with silver highlights, their sleek appearance, and mischievous emerald green eyes.

The Angel of Cuteness Russian Blue Cat Personality
The Angel of Cuteness Russian Blue Cat Personality from

(not severely, but enough to be uncomfortable if living with a cat) i did some research and i found that russian blues are hypoallergenic. They are raised in a clean loving smoke free family home. They were first shown in 1875 in london, competing with other blue cats.

In those days, the russian blue looked quite different than what we are familiar with today.

However, even small amounts of fel d 1 can cause allergic reactions. Patting a russian has been described as feeling like running a silk scarf through your hands. Though gentle and quiet in nature, the russian blue has a soft. Yes, russian blue cats are a good pet for someone with allergies.