Revolution For Cats Ear Mites

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Revolution For Cats Ear Mites. Follow the package directions carefully when applying this product. Ear mites (mange) in cats.

Revolution 5.115 lb 3 month supply Flea and tick
Revolution 5.115 lb 3 month supply Flea and tick from

Pyrethrin is the common insecticide found in otc medications to treat ear mites in cats. Ear mites are an irritation to cats, though usually one that is not too serious. Revolution for cats and dogs is a monthly topical use.

Revolution® (selamectin) requires a prescription from your veterinarian.

You could always call your vet and say he was just in and the ears were checked, and see what they found. Revolution is good for ear mites but the ears are usually just dirty or yeasty. About half of all cat ear infections are caused by these small parasites. You should treat all the pets in your household to prevent the ear mites moving to another host.