Pancreatitis In Cats Cause

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Pancreatitis In Cats Cause. If the cause of the pancreatitis is known to be a bacterial infection, antibiotics are used to solve the problem at its root. Gallstones are a common cause of pancreatitis.

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Acute pancreatitis is usually more severe than chronic. Pancreatitis can lead to other diseases, and when it does, it might not just threaten your cat’s life but might also lead to death. Pancreatitis is hard to detect in cats as it is likely to be more subtle in dogs.

This leads to the pancreas itself being digested, instead of the food in the small intestines, and causes inflammation as well as the other symptoms.

According to cat specialist susan little, pancreatitis in cats can be classified into three forms: We don’t know exactly what causes pancreatitis. Although pancreatitis can occur in any animal breed, it has been found to occur more frequently with cats, specifically the siamese cat. When the cause was identifiable (only about 15% of cases), the causes were general.