Orange Cat Names From Movies

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Orange Cat Names From Movies. These names are listed alphabetically. Though technically a tiger, the name tigger has become one of the most famous orange cat names and one of the most well known cat names from disney movies.

The Body Snatcher (1945 Tabby cat names, Cats, Tabby cat
The Body Snatcher (1945 Tabby cat names, Cats, Tabby cat from

A funny and relaxed name for a feline.; Garfield (famous cats names don’t get much more recognizable than this!) when it comes to famous cat names, this is at the top. Sydney (from alias) allie (from kate & allie)

List of tv show names for your cat.

In addition to using names from disney cats, it also includes a few names from other characters that could also double as a cat name. These gemstones all come in striking shades of orange and can be a perfect name for a beautiful orange kitten. Like, if your cat is playful and mischievous, you can call him aladdin, or if she’s tender and beautiful, you can name her belle. Orange is a rarer color among precious gems, but there are a few that can be found.