Native Wild Cats Uk

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Native Wild Cats Uk. The scottish wildcats are the only remaining largest wild predators found in the united kingdom. Large, predatory cats have, without doubt, roamed the uk at points in recent history.

Stunning photographs show Britain's wildlife at its best
Stunning photographs show Britain's wildlife at its best from

It is restricted to scotland, where it inhabits the forested margins of moorland. Sightings of “big cats” in the uk are more frequent than a naturalist might expect. The bobcat can live in forests, deserts, mountains, swamps and farmland.

In british folklore, british big cats, also referred to as abcs (alien, or anomalous, big cats), phantom cats and mystery cats, are reports and incidents of felidae not native to britain but supposed to inhabit the british countryside.

The species was once widely seen across england and wales but the animal has not been seen in. The scottish wildcat, also known as the highland tiger, is the only native member of the cat family still found in the wild in britain. People say 'there's no way pumas or panthers could live in the. The latest edition of cjs professional is now online, and you can read it here.