Keep Cats Out Of Christmas Tree

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Keep Cats Out Of Christmas Tree. Christmas trees, whether real or artificial, can be a hazard for homes with pets during the holiday season. The christmas tree is a new exciting item in the house and the only way to compete is sometimes providing something equally new and exciting.

How to Keep Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree in 2020
How to Keep Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree in 2020 from

A smaller tree will be better for cats if they do indeed end up climbing the tree. For people who don't have the ability to keep their animal in another room from the christmas tree, i recommend hanging bells on the lower branches, so that as your cat or dog decides to encroach. While it might appear to be near impossible to keep your cat (especially younger kitties) out of your christmas tree, it is possible to alleviate the issues that might come with a curious climbing kitty.

Then i tried a half a tree in the hall way.

And for lots of our feline, it means it is time to discover as many methods to debris with the tree as possible. If you do opt for a real tree , cover the water bowl with a tree skirt and place presents on top of the skirt so that your cat isn’t tempted to drink the water, which could sicken them. Cats (and some dogs) won’t walk on a texture they don’t like. Here we look at the dangers to look out for and how to keep your cats and dogs safe around the festive trees.