Heart Murmur In Cats Sound

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Heart Murmur In Cats Sound. The magnitude of murmurs is generally classified in grades, with 1 being the least serious and 6 the most serious. Murmurs are commonly described as a whooshing sound and are a result of unstable blood flow in the heart.

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A heart murmur is an unusual sound that can be heard with a stethoscope when listening to a cat’s heartbeat. If your cat has difficulty breathing, seems weak, loses weight, doesn’t want to eat, or suddenly collapses, he could have a heart condition. A heart murmur may be heard by your vet when he or she listens to your cat’s heart.

When your veterinarian uses a stethoscope to listen to your cat's heart, an abnormal sound, known as a heart murmur, may be heard.

It’s not always a reason for concern, but it can be. However, heart murmurs in dogs and heart murmurs in cats—while relatively uncommon—make a “whooshing” sound and could be a sign of heart problems for your pet. Heart murmur is a type of heart disease that is more common among the older cats than the younger ones. Instead of “lubdup, lubdup”, the vet hears “lubshdup, lubshdup”, or “lubdubshhh, lubdupshhh”.