Heart Murmur In Cats Grade 3

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Heart Murmur In Cats Grade 3. In some cats, heart murmurs appear and eventually disappear. Grade 4 is also heard right after the examination begins and is combined with a heavy vibration.;

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For other cats, a murmur may indicate an underlying and possibly severe heart condition. The vet will base their diagnosis on this grade, as well as the murmurs' duration, when they occur in the heart cycle, and the cat’s age. My cat loki has a heart murmur that is grade 3.

Anaemia is another cause of heart murmurs in cats, but the cats often show other signs of lethargy and anorexia as well.

Grade 2 occurs mostly in specific areas of the heart and is pretty faint.; Heart murmurs are graded 1 through 6 based on how loud or intense they are. The murmur is then classified, or graded, to characterize its loudness. The loudness of the murmur does not always correlate with the degree of heart disease.