Fip Vaccine Cats Uk

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Fip Vaccine Cats Uk. It typically strikes kittens and young cats under 2 years of age, or older cats whose immune system has been stressed or otherwise compromised. Efforts at vaccination and treatment have been unproductive.

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All cats with fip are unwell and. (the gold standard, not only in the uk but across the world, is the. This terrible condition is not easy to understand, and scientists are still studying and learning more about it.

If your cat’s risk for exposure is low, your veterinarian may not recommend the fip vaccine.

The disease is most common in young cats aged six weeks to two years old. A vaccine for fip and fiv exist in the united states, but are so far unavailable in the uk. Kittens usually obtain antibodies from their mother which provide protection against infectious disease for the first few weeks of life but these start to wear off leaving them open to infections. When should i get my cat vaccinated?