Facts About Catskill Mountains

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Facts About Catskill Mountains. Their heavily wooded terrain encompasses more than 6,000 square miles, with the highest peak of 4,204 feet at slide mountain. Whether on the hunt for new york's tallest waterfall or tracking down a crucial piece of music history, the catskill mountains are endlessly enchanting.

Catskill Mountains, NY Catskill mountains, Mountains, Nature
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Rather than an actual mountain range, the catskills are actually a dissected plateau that has eroded into sharp peaks. The caves at howe caverns have been carved by water over the span of a few million years. The catskill mountains are about 160 kilometers from new york city, in the northwestern region, and 60 kilometers southwest of albany.

The catskill mountains highest peak is slide mountain at 4,180.

It's basically one big park Before the catskill mountains became known as part of “america’s first wilderness,” the iroquois indians called the area home. Trails at sam's point preserve, on 5,000 acres in the shawangunk mountains, feature expansive views, waterfalls and ice caves. For the central region, its standout ranges are the berkshires of massachusetts, the catskill mountains of new york, and pennsylvania’s poconos.