Dont F With Cats Review

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Dont F With Cats Review. As a cat owner, i can tell you with some degree of confidence that they hate you. Netflix recently debuted a new series called don't f with cats, and fans of the streaming service are furious over it.the limited docuseries' title is a slightly misleading, as it is not necessarily about cats, but is a true crime documentary about internet users from all over the globe uniting to try and track down the identity of a man who filmed himself abusing two kittens and posted the.

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In 2010, magnotta, using an alias, began posting gruesome videos online. Luka magnotta is one of the craziest stories on the internet. If you’re into true crime and don’t have a weak stomach, netflix’s docuseries don’t f**k with cats:

In netflix’s compelling ”don't f**k with cats,” cat lovers unite to capture an online murderer this energetic, expertly paced docuseries pulls the viewer along to find and apprehend a cruel.

Don’t f**k with cats lands on netflix on december 18. Read our full don’t f**k with cats review here! It’s not just about the killer or even those obsessed with finding him, it’s about a tale that may have been prevented, a life of a young man saved instead of ended. Hunting an internet killer’ review by trev • letterboxd