Domestic Cat Coronavirus Symptoms

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Domestic Cat Coronavirus Symptoms. Feline coronavirus (also sometimes referred to as fcov) is a highly contagious viral condition that is transferred via the faeces of cats. A human in the same household has been infected or is displaying potential symptoms.

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Of cats to spread the coronavirus which has caused some confusion. Some are mild, such as the common cold, while others are more likely to lead to pneumonia. Swiss info reported that on december 4, referring to test results from vet lab of zurich university.

Symptoms of the coronavirus are generally very mild, and may include a runny nose and watery eyes.

A pet cat has tested positive in the uk for the strain of coronavirus that is causing the current pandemic. Cat aficionados are most familiar with the ubiquitous feline coronavirus (fcov), which is shed in the feces of infected cats and usually causes relatively benign, self. The cat was tested within a research project; A second cat who lives in that household has not shown symptoms.