Do Cats Snore While Sleeping

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Do Cats Snore While Sleeping. When your cat falls into a deep sleep and becomes completely relaxed, she might start snoring. Some cats snore while sleeping, which might be confused with purring.

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Snoring in cats is not as common as with snoring in dogs, but nevertheless, a significant number of cat owners will have observed that their cat snores while asleep!for some cats, snoring is no cause for concern and is simply something that you will acknowledge is part of your cat’s normal behaviour throughout the duration of their life, while in others, snoring can be indicative of a more. I didn’t think that cats would actually snore. This may happen once in a while, as opposed to every time your pet goes to sleep, and it is considered normal.

During rem (rapid eye movement) sleep your cat's brain activity levels are higher.

Sometimes their sleepy sounds are perfectly normal, and other times, they can be cause for concern. The tissue in the nasal and throat passages is soft, while vibrations begin to occur that cause the soft snoring sound. Cats with short noses, including himalayan and persian, are more prone to snoring than other breeds. Here’s a breakdown of why cats snore and when it can point to a problem.