Cute Cat Names Japanese

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Cute Cat Names Japanese. Ringo (“apple”) mikan (“orange”) koro koro (“cute cute”) maron. The list is divided into unisex cute cat names, cute female cat names and cute male cat names.

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Caracal Caracal kittens, Animals wild, Cute animals from

Want to keep a name for your cat in japanese. A stone inspired name might fit your cat as would one based on stormy weather or even quiet yet mysterious weather conditions like clouds or fog. Make sure you pick one that you love from this list of girl and boy cat names.

Evil beauty, aku is evil and mi is beauty.

Show off your unique style with this japanese anime cat eating ramen from cat dog gifts! Now on to the best female japanese cat names! As with most other cultures, japanese girl names are usually centered around positive traits, beauty, and flowers. Share on facebook share on pinterest.