Civet Cat Species In India

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Civet Cat Species In India. A civet cat has been spotted roaming on the. Wildlife sos in other parts of asia, especially in indonesia, civet cats are used to make an expensive coffee called kopi luwak , which is made from coffee beans that.

Black panther reflection, what a unique photo! Shot in
Black panther reflection, what a unique photo! Shot in from

The large indian civet inhabits scrub, grasslands, and densely forested areas in south and southeast asia (india, nepal, bhutan, southern china and bangladesh). Ttd booked for illegal breeding in 2006. Civet are called as toddy cats are carnivorous mammal species from viverridae family, native to rain forest of asia and africa.

They live in the rain forest that is slowly diminishing.

Usually, there are five or six distinct bands on the back and four or five rows of spots on each side. India is home to large number of civet species and these nocturnal mammals are hunted for skin and bush meat. The leopard cat is almost the same size as your domestic cat, except it is slender and with longer legs.they are not an endangered species; It is a rather small wildcat that includes several subspecies.