Civet Cat Coffee Price

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Civet Cat Coffee Price. It may feed on beans from the arabica coffee plant, the robusta, or any other coffee plant available to it. Legend has it that the fermented beans, extracted from the feces of the asian palm civet, became popular in indonesia when local workers, forbidden to eat the coffee crop they were paid slave wages to harvest, picked them out of the droppings they found and took a liking to the fermented beans.

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Most of the species diversity is found in southeast asia. Superlatively expensive, kopi luwak coffee is famously prepared for roasting by passage through a civet cat. Just as with champagne, the kopi luwak designation also carries certain quality assurances.

The legend has it kopi luwak (indonesian:

Kopi luwak is literally what it means in indonesian — coffee obtained by collecting civet’s excrements after they have. The type of coffee depends on the variety of beans the civet eats. Fetching from $180 to $600 per pound, it claims the title of the world’s most expensive coffee. Have you ever tried a food with a legendary reputation.