Cats Protection Bridgend Volunteering

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Cats Protection Bridgend Volunteering. We help around 200,000 cats and kittens a year. Volunteers and staff will be getting into the party mood by dressing up in 90s fashion and are inviting visitors to do the same!

Kitten with Unique Look Rescued from Alley Street He Can
Kitten with Unique Look Rescued from Alley Street He Can from

The rspca were fantastic and really helpful throughout the adoption process. We welcome applications from all sections of the community and we actively encourage diversity. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.

Cats protection was a very homely environment, all of my colleagues were friendly and welcoming and it was a very enjoyable experience as i was able to do something i love.

Friends of cats protection bridgend. Both employees and volunteers, are really important to us and we love that you are still volunteering with us after three years. Thank you for giving us your valuable time and for everything you do for cats protection. Cardiff & the vale cats protection, cardiff.