Cats Musical Reviews 2019

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Cats Musical Reviews 2019. Look, cats is a relatively faithful adaptation of cats.the andrew lloyd webber musical, based on on t.s. Eliot.the film is directed by tom hooper—in his second feature musical following les misérables (2012)—from a screenplay by lee hall and hooper and features an.

Take it easy or go hard (and don't go home) this spooky
Take it easy or go hard (and don't go home) this spooky from

The story follows a tribe of cats called the jellicles over the course of one night as they prepare to present themselves to old. Cats slips in right under the radar and easily scores as the bottom of the 2019 barrel — and arguably of the decade. It’s a mess that misuses some of the world’s best dancers and actors, an exuberant score, two hours of your time, $95 million (£73.

The film of andrew lloyd webber’s “cats” arrives without so much buzz as hisses thanks to a trailer released back in july which seemed to horrify more than to suggest a beloved fantasy.

Cats suffers from a problem common in contemporary filmed musicals. Reviews are in for the cats movie and stars including taylor swift and idris elba might want to look away now. The cats movie reviews are in, and folks, they are…not great. Eliot's old possum's book of practical cats, a book of poems about cats.