Cat's Eye Nebula Real Image

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Cat's Eye Nebula Real Image. Stereo pair images in two formats, parallel and cross vision. If he can't see anything of the cat's eye nebula at only 250x in a 10 inch scope without having to use the i3, then that scope has a *real* problem.

Pin by Kelsey Wray on Space & Sky Nebula, Hubble images
Pin by Kelsey Wray on Space & Sky Nebula, Hubble images from

Eagle nebula some of the most iconic images of space from hubble were taken by its camera workhorse — wide field and planetary camera 2. If you shoot orion with a color camera, you'll see these beautiful colors as they are. Individual chemical elements in the nebula emit light at very specific wavelengths.

Not sure if i will do one of these again, but my favorite target in the night sky is the cats eye nebula and i thought it deserved my utmost attention.

The cat's eye nebula (also known as ngc 6543 and caldwell 6) is a planetary nebula in the northern constellation of draco, discovered by william herschel on february 15, 1786. After getting a good head start last spring, i just decided to park on it nearly every clear night i was at home whether it. Hubble's eye on the universe. The centre is very, very bright but the outer haloes fairly dim.