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Cat's Eye Movie Online. The 3 kisugi sisters, rui, hitomi and ai run the cat's eye cafe. Cat's eye (also known as stephen king's cat's eye) is a 1985 american anthology horror thriller film directed by lewis teague and written by stephen comprises three stories, quitters, inc., the ledge, and general.the first two are adaptations of short stories in king's 1978 night shift collection, and the third is unique to the film.

Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (1985) Stephen king movies
Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (1985) Stephen king movies from

A cat is placed on a steel mesh floor, and electric shocks make it leap crazily around the room. Then after escaping yet again, our cat finds himself in atlantic city, new jersey where a man who loves to gamble becomes obsessed with torturing a gentleman he finds out has been sleeping with his wife. Trolls and children and the cat:

In the first of the three stories in cat's eye, james woods wants to stop smoking.

The film is a fun anthology, never anything great, but definitely worth watching. Starring drew barrymore, james woods, alan king, kenneth mcmillan High resolution official theatrical movie poster for cat's eye (1985). Cat's eye is an american horror film, including 3 small stories quitters, inc., the ledge, and general.