Cats Eye Gemstone Meaning

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Cats Eye Gemstone Meaning. Cat s eye chrysoberyl the gemstone cat s eye information and pictures. In color it resembles the color of the neem fruit with silver streak which comes in chrysoberyl stone.

Archangel Uriel, gemstone bracelet citrine, and pale
Archangel Uriel, gemstone bracelet citrine, and pale from

It promotes concentration and is recommended. Ketu is a strong planet that gives results similar to mars and the cats eye, in general, is considered to be a strong gemstone and should be worn after a thorough analysis. Wearing cats eye stone has amazing health benefits.

Cats eye gemstone, popularly known as lehsunia in vedic astrology, is a radiant gemstone, which is associated with the shadow planet is the gemstone that represents the powers of planet ketu as per vedic astrology.

Cat's eye acts to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness. Cat's eye emerald has the meaning and properties to increase insight. There are other gemstones too that manifest a cat's eye formation but chrysoberyl cat's eye is known to be the best because of its strong, distinct and vivid effect. The term “chrysoberyl” comes from a greek term meaning “golden white spar”.