Cats Best Litter 30l

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Cats Best Litter 30l. The best cat litter i have used, no dust ( the most important), no fragrance, natural wood smells and clumping well. Cat’s best litter offers options suitable for everyone, made from 100% natural fibres and designed to be both biodegradable and ultra absorbent.

TofuKitty Cat Litter Review We Tried Tofu Cat Litter! in
TofuKitty Cat Litter Review We Tried Tofu Cat Litter! in from

While cats are clean animals, accidents can happen so it’s best to place the litter tray on an easy to clean floor that can be wiped clean if necessary. The active plant fibres absorb up to 7 times its volume, making this cat litter incredibly efficient and economical. It is made from high quality spanish sepiolite which is highly absorbent and effectively controls odours.

Nature has a clever way of absorbing moisture.

Cats best original litter 30l. The litter was sold while it was out of stock and was told on the last day of delivery which i wasn't happy with.<br>the litter is ok but it turns cats paws pink and is most definitely not good for them to clean thier own paws and it's also very dusty. Also 40l of this last for three months with two cats and two litter boxes at home. 5.0 average based on 4 product ratings.