Cats And Christmas Trees Reddit

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Cats And Christmas Trees Reddit. There's something about cats and christmas trees. This year you can protect your christmas tree from your cats in some creative ways.

Am I too late for Christmas Cat submissions??http//
Am I too late for Christmas Cat submissions??http// from

(and they're prepared to strike at any given moment.) Cats seem to think we put up christmas trees just especially for them. The funny thing is that cats are one of the few creatures on this planet that can completely destroy your christmas and make you go 'aaaw' at the same time.

Look at this guy, just casually exiting the christmas tree after doing his damage.

I gave him treats and he's eating those just fine, but i am monitoring his eating, water intake and litter trips. A lot of them love messing with the tree, even climbing it. Cover your christmas tree and protect it from your cat. He’s helping to drive his owners demented no doubt.