Cat Breed With Folded Down Ears

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Cat Breed With Folded Down Ears. Scottish folds come in a very wide variety of colours. Starting with his small ears folded down, which constitute the distinctive feature of the race.

Stock Photo Cat scottish fold, Scottish fold, Scottish
Stock Photo Cat scottish fold, Scottish fold, Scottish from

Scottish folds are a healthy breed and the folded ears do not make them more susceptible to mites or ear infections. They are very different cats, but they do share this characteristic. Different cat registries have named the folded ear cat differently.

The male kitten was given to a neighbor.

The second cat with folded ears on record was also found in china in 1938. The scottish fold is a breed of cat with folded down ears which occurred as a spontaneous mutation in a white kitten in 1961. The breed quickly caught the attention of the us and gained championship with the cat fancier’s association in 1978. Datada 1966 alone first scottish fold breed cat of the story was called susie, being she, raised by scottish farmers, the forerunner of the current race.