Can Cats Get Covid 19 Uk

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Can Cats Get Covid 19 Uk. There have been reports of animals being infected with the virus worldwide. Officials believe the unidentified cat caught the coronavirus from its owners

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Cats and dogs can transmit coronavirus to humans via their fur, sage experts warn. This has been demonstrated in laboratory conditions, and infected cats were then able to pass it on to other cats, but there is no evidence to show they can pass it to humans. Jason gale 24 september, 2020 7:25 pm ist

This advice applies to england only.

We have got no evidence that the virus has changed before it can infect cats.”. However, as it is known that the virus can survive on surfaces such as door handles, it may be possible, despite the lack of evidence, for the virus to survive in a similar way on a cat’s fur. Don’t be tempted to wipe your cat with antiseptic wipes because it will groom chemicals off its coat, and cats can be very sensitive to certain disinfectants which may make them unwell. ‘the most frequent questions that pet owners ask our vets are: