British Shorthair Mix Persian Cat

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British Shorthair Mix Persian Cat. British shorthair (bsh) white solid. Play games that evoke your british shorthair’s prey response:

Chocolate Exotic Shorthair KittenMy chocolate short hair
Chocolate Exotic Shorthair KittenMy chocolate short hair from

The british longhair is a mix of british shorthair and persian, offering the unique coat features of a persian and the temperament of a british shorthair. The face is round with full cheeks and the nose is short and broad. To preserve the standard after the war, the governing council of the cat fancy decided to accept only third generation of persian/ british shorthair crosses.

It is believed that the british shorthair’s ancestors were brought to britain by the romans during the invasion of great britain.

To regain the numbers, breeders started to mix persian cats into british shorthair’s bloodlines. British longhair are easy going, adaptable, affectionate and love to cuddle. This breed has become the inspiration for the magical cheshire cat in alice of wonderland. British shorthair chinchilla kittens for sale, if you are search for british shorthair chinchilla kittens for sale you've come to the right place.