British Shorthair Cat Names

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British Shorthair Cat Names. Those 2 along with yellow and green are the most popular colors of british shorthair eyes. Here, you will find a great list of british names featuring famous british places, movie stars, musicians, sports stars, cities, castles and more, all of which make great cat names.

10 Pics] Stray Cat Photos British shorthair stray cat
10 Pics] Stray Cat Photos British shorthair stray cat from

Cfa approved status for the british championship in 1980. The british shorthair is every bit as english as scones and tea. Full of british reserve, the british shorthair cat has a quiet voice and is an undemanding companion.

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The british are the most ancient breeds of domestic cats uk. The breed has also been developed in a wide range of other colours and patterns, including tabby and colorpoint. They’re mellow and will tolerate other pets, and even though they may not seek out snuggles at every opportunity, they’re happy to be scooped up for a good cuddle. The british shorthair is the darling of the english: