Black Cats Superstition Origin

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Black Cats Superstition Origin. During the middle ages, people in many other parts of europe held quite the opposite belief. Many frightening southern folktales like the black cat’s message and wait until emmet comes include ethereal and mysterious black cats who might just be witches or demons in disguise.

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3* if a black cat comes across you in the morning, it brings you a bad luck. Back then, their goddess bast was a female black cat. In addition, a common seafaring superstition was that if a black cat walked onto a ship and then walked off again, the ship was doomed to sink on its next voyage.

Black cats are considered good luck in other parts of the globe, as well.

With the coming of halloween, black cats are most at risk. The fear of a black cat crossing your path is relatively recent and in direct contradiction with the ancient egyptian’s reverence for the animals they domesticated around 3000 bc. The scottish believe that a strange black cat's arrival to the home. Many shelters refuse to adopt out black cats for fear they will be harmed or used as props for customs and then abandoned.