Bengal Cats Personality Like

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Bengal Cats Personality Like. Bengal cat personality is just too vigorous and very nice. Bengal cat owners often find it interesting to observe their kitty opening a door or a cabinet.

Bengal Cat Personality That You Must Understand As It
Bengal Cat Personality That You Must Understand As It from

But do not be afraid, the bengal cat has a really affectionate temperament! Bengals were developed in the usa in the 1970s, using ordinary domestic cats and egyptian maus, and trying develop a cat which looked like a wild cat, but with a gentle and friendly nature, so suitable for a pet.but the early bengals were not really domesticated. If you use another litter, introduce it slowly by putting.

Bengal cats are considered as one of the most intelligent breeds of cats.

The coat of the bengal is short and may even feel a little rough naturally. The bengal fans rave about their character and playful antics. Unlike some other domestic cat breeds, bengal cats tend to become active members of the household. Although there are a lot of bengal cat breed enthusiast websites, reputable breeder sites, and organization sites like that of the international cat association (tica) or the cat fanciers' association, few describe what living with a bengal is really like.