Bengal Cat Personality Problems

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Bengal Cat Personality Problems. These cats have crisp spots on their body. No behavioral problems like marking their territory and being aggressive, this habit will be hard to get rid of once the bengal reaches sexual maturity if even if you sterilize it then.

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Although it has wild features, its playful nature and its amazing taste for water. The aim was to produce a breed with the personality of a tame cat and the colors of a wild one. Some bengals even have a golden sheen to their coats.

Bengal cat personality traits the bengal is highly intelligent, curious, and active breed that can sometimes be a hand full.

These cats love playing, jumping on high. But the first step to correcting them is to actually try understanding your furry friend and the cause of these issues: Bengals are very similar in appearance to alcs; </p> <p>bengals are very active and are always on.