Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs

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Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs. Dogs have lived with us for as many as 30,000 years. We know that dogs were domesticated long before cats were and dogs are easier to train and are sociable more than cats.

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From this alone, we can say dogs are much smarter than cats. Their findings, posted inside the journal frontiers in neuroanatomy, concluded that dogs had drastically more cortical neurons inside the mind than felines. Why cats are way smarter than dogs.ever watched a cat pulling out a prank on a dog!

But some scientists argue that brain size isn't the key to intelligence.

The reason most people consider dogs to be smarter than cats is because it is challenging to train a cat. Accumulating statistics concerning dog intelligence is a smooth undertaking Next time someone asks you to defend why cats are better than dogs, lob this fun little fact at them: Feline information on intelligence comparison remains sparse because, well, cats are unwilling to cooperate.